we add warmth and character to even the most difficult spaces • we make cluttered rooms feel spacious • we make empty rooms come to life!

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If your house looks like a model home, you don’t need us.

For the other 99%, we can make a massive impact in a short amount of time.

Declutter. Coordinate repairs. Reposition your furnishings, and add where needed.

Present your home in the best light. Proper staging will help you sell your house faster and at a higher price.

Make your life easier, and don’t leave money on the table!

Refresh and re-energize your existing home.

Declutter. Reorganize. Complete minor repairs.

We’ll work with your existing furnishings, plus make recommendations for any changes or additions.

When complete, your home will feel like new!

Achieve the maximum price for your client, in the shortest amount of time.

Make your photography and your open houses come to life, which is critical to get potential buyers excited.

Quicker sales and higher prices will boost your revenues, and will generate referrals from happy clients.

We offer free consultations for your client – let us tell them what can be improved.

Help your prospects visualize their dreams, so they want to buy from you!

For large-scale builders, we do model homes with fresh and current designs that will help your buyers make an emotional connection to your community. Our goal is to make the home feel livable, not “staged”.

For smaller builders, we stage individual homes to help sell standing inventory. If your prospects can’t get motivated by all that vacant and characterless space, full or partial staging can totally change a buyer’s perception.

Why sit on stagnant inventory or take a major price discount? Staging will generate quicker sales at higher prices!

Home Staging will have a dramatic impact on your sales price, and your home will sell faster!

create a great first impression • increase the value of your home • inspire prospective buyers.

frequently asked questions.

Why has home staging become so important to the sale process?

The combination of HGTV and the proliferation of online information (Realtor.com, Zillow, etc) has heightened buyers’ awareness and expectations.  A good first impression online is more critical than ever.  If you don’t create this initial excitement, you may never get those potential buyers to your front door.

What does home staging cost?

Every project is very different, depending on the challenges and the goals.  We’re happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your goals to evaluate your home’s market readiness, and to discuss the potential cost to achieve your goal. The staging fees will be small compared to the higher price you will achieve and the speed at which you will sell.  If you don’t stage and the sale is drags out, your first price markdown will be far greater than the potential staging cost – not to mention the lost time and energy.

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